Faith, Family, Food

Faith, Family, FoodNovember 23, 2017FoodHolidaysLovePeopleScriptures Today is Thanksgiving.       At least for us Americans.              I know Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving too, just a different day, right Carmen?

Really, every day should be thanks-giving!          When we have an attitude of gratitude, every thing goes better, because we have a better attitude. From Simple and Soul: These should help keep me on track!!        Thanks, Lisa! Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.        I hope you enjoy a day filled with faith, family, and food!!

             2 bunches of grapes!!        Yeah!
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Gilly Maddisonsays: November 23, 2017 at 3:01 pm  Happy thanksgiving! Hope you have/are having a wonderful time!

Shoe Shop

Shoe ShopNovember 24, 2017purge
It’s that time of year again.       Time for the annual changing of the guard shoes. My beloved Crocs were slap wore out.         The sole was as slick as a baby’s butt.        In the rain, I was slipping, and sliding around, like I was playing on a slip-n-slide!         Not good for my back, and neck! What’s that?        Why were they so worn out, when they were only a year old??            Because I wore them every day for a whole year!        That’s 24/7/365.      ( Well, actually you know I wasn’t on my feet 24 hours a day!!) Okay, so I knew I needed some new shoes.        No doubts about it.        The problem: size.         My feet are ski boat size, and fat to boot!            So, finding shoes to fit me, is a little bit of a daunting undertaking! Armed with the knowledge that I had found the Crocs at Bealls, I made my 40th foray.         (Give or take 20 forays.) Yay!!          Success!!            Found a pair of white sandals.

They fit! Th…

Buffet Blankies

Our dining room buffet was completely empty.   Well, except for a few place mats. And every day, all the bedding blankies were just piled on the couch, or floor! Every single day.(DH sometimes sleeps on the recliner, and a girl or two always snuggles for a while.        And of course, each one has to have their own separate blankie!) Finally, I had enough of the mess, and looked around for an easy storage solution.        That’s when I realized the buffet, 2 feet away from the couch, was completely empty! Not anymore!! Ahhh, another mess contained!! A Peaceful post.         (I so wish I could show you the girls with their huge grins!!) Peaceful to watch!#1#2    #3- Buffet Blankies

Peaceful's Pictures

I know you’re just all agog to see Peaceful, our new house!! View from the road:

This is an old pic. That big bush is chopped down, now.      I love how far back it’s set off the road.     So does DH.        All it lacks is a garage, or shed. Right Side yard:

So spacious, and grassy!!        The bushes form the “fence” between us and the  neighbors.          I think there’s chain link under there somewhere. Back yard:

A fire pit has been added.       

Peaceful to watch!               So handy for burning old files!! Right side of the huge porch, featuring the front door into the living room:

Left side of porch, from carport, into kitchen:

You can see the laundry room door, where the half bath is.         So wonderful to have 2 pottys again!!        Very needed at times! The house is on a double lot, which explains the humongus yard!       So nice for letting the girls roam and play!!         As long as we can see them!! Kitchen:
I really like the old cabinets.     There’s so much light, they don’t…

More Moving, Melinda

Image We moved.         Yes, again.            September 1st. Our new place is named “Peaceful”.         Thank you, great “namer” PP! Sadly, Joy House was NOT our forever home.           But, there are excellent reasons why we had to move, again.  The girls’ mental and emotional health were suffering so much, from being separated from us.         I believe I’ve mentioned before that I’ve lived with PP 3/5 of her life. green part is when she lived with Mommy and Daddy, almost 2 years.      The black part is the last 4 months away from Pop, and me.) And CC for half of hers. To restore their peace of mind, and emotional health, was the very best of reasons to move, DH and I felt.        Now, the girls truly are peaceful again. Well worth the time, expense and effort of moving.         Which I hate, but would do 99 thousand more times, for the girls’ sake. Not gonna say never this time either.       But PLEASE God, let us stay here!! …

Closest Closeness

Sorry, I didn’t make it clear, yesterday.       We moved back in with DD1, and the girls! I didn’t realize I hadn’t said that, until Barb’s comment.

Barbsays: October 4, 2018 at 1:27 am 
Congratulations?!? I wish I could do the same thing! How close are you now?
When I read her comment, I felt silly that I had not made it clear. We felt being back in the same household, Peaceful, was the best solution to their anxiety problems.        Thankfully, it’s working like we hoped.

                                          CC drew a moon!

So, we are very close to them!!      In the same room, all the time!       lol
We love having such closeness again, and so do they.          We are all one big happy family 
once again. Except, the clutter doubled, merging 2 households again. Gotta work on that!! A Peaceful post:   
So peaceful to watch!
#1- Closest Closeness

Deborah's Donations

My friend Deborah decided it was time to declutter her house.             And who did she turn to?            Her own personal decluttering expert- me!        Of course! How did I become a de-cluttering expert??         By de-cluttering so much,    that’s how! All of my family and friends know I have de-cluttered endlessly.         And    ruthlessly, lately.       Remember my yearbooks???           Nobody could believe I did that!! Anyway, now that Deborah was ready to de-clutter, she reached out to me.        Of course, I was more than happy to help. We’ve had only 1 session so far, our schedules seem to conflict a lot.            But it was so amazingly fruitful!! Look at everything she let go!!!!!

So proud of you, my friend!!    PS; Deborah was the inspiration for the 2 ferret funnies!